Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Santa Hat Nail Art

  Want to jazz up your nails for the holidays? Today's video post will teach you how easy it is to create Santa Hat nail art. See the link below to learn the steps needed to Santa Hat nail art.  


Monday, December 22, 2014

November Favorites 2014!

  I have been very busy the past few weeks with Christmas coming up and everything else that is going on in my life. Even though there was so much going on, I somehow found some time to go shopping in early November and pick up some goodies. In the video below I discuss the beauty and clothing items that I picked up. Some of the deals I got were amazing and I have to tap myself on my back for a job well done. I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to let me know what you think about the items I purchased by commenting below.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Giveaway!

  I have exciting news to announce! I am collaborating with Fashion blogger The Lady Like Leopard to do a fab holiday giveaway, of this beautiful necklace from Mi & Li Accessories!  The contest will  run from Dec 8th-14th and is open to residents in North America. Here's how to enter: Follow @twentiesandfabulous @ladylikeleopard and @shoplianamiradotcom on Instagram. (Click the link to be directed to accounts). Repost the image of the necklace, tag us and use the hashtag #leopardfabgiveaway Note: The photo to repost is the same photo shown above. You can find this picture on either @twentiesandfabulous or  @ladylikeleopard Instagram accounts. One entry per day. Good Luck!

  Are you excited for this contest?

Monday, December 1, 2014


It’s the round, cute ball that everyone keeps talking about- Evolution Of Smooth or EOS as it is most commonly known.  

  The first time I saw this product in stores I was mesmerized by it’s cute appearance. The branding for this lip balm is so unique- like nothing I have ever seen before. A little ball that opens up to a circular lip balm inside. The balm comes in a bunch of different flavors, which is great if you are into scented lip products. The flavor I decided to purchase was ‘Summer Fruit’ since I love the smell of fruity scents on my lips.   

  When I first started using EOS, my lips were very chapped. Unfortunately, for me the winter months are horrible to my lips, and sometimes leaves them feeling dry and chapped- which is never flattering. As a result, I am constantly in search for the perfect moisturizing balm.

  As EOS is enriched with conditioning oils, and Shea butter,  I was hoping it would be able to help my lips. When I first applied EOS to my sore dry lips, I found that it felt instantly moisturizing and soothing. I was amazed by how quickly my lips were repaired from just a day or two of using the product. However, the more I used EOS, I found that it did not seem to be working the same magic it initially worked.

  My lips just weren’t feeling as moisturized as they were when I first started using the product. It was as if my lips somehow became immune or too used to the balm, that it just seemed to stop working. I was so disappointed because I was in love with this product, but I think for me I need something that is a bit thicker to protect my lips in the winter.  

  If you don't find that you have very dry or chapped lips in the winter months, then using EOS will probably be okay for you. But, I am still on the quest for a great balm. Any suggestions?

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Have you ever used EOS lip balm? If so, did you have a good experience using this product?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Essie Nail Polish: After School Boy Blazer

I'm going dark blue in today's post with Essie's After School Boy Blazer. Similar to the Essie color Wicked as discussed in my previous post, this polish has a myseterious quality as it appears to be black, but also contains hues of blue. In fact, the hints of blue are most prominent in the light as it picks up the color on the nails. 

This polish is rich, highly pigmented and leaves a nice shine on the nails. Definitely a great color to wear in the winter months. When applying this color, I recommend applying two coats of polish in order to produce a nice even and sleek finish on the nails. 

 If you are are interested in wearing a dark color on your nails, but you don't want to go entirely black, this color would be a good option to try out since it's a more of a dark navy blue on the nails than a true black. 

Overall, Essie's After School Boy Blazer is wonderful rich color that looks great on all complexions.

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Do you like to wear dark polishes in the Fall?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My October Favorites Video!

  I know it's a bit late, but I really enjoyed using certain items that I purchased in the month of October and wanted to share it with all of you in today's video post. I hope you enjoy it! 


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Monday, November 17, 2014

Highlights From Last Week: Beauty Blogger Event, Nails & Fashion

Last week on the blog...

  I was very honored to be invited to attend the Miracle10 Beauty Bloggers Event last week. The event allowed me to learn about the Miracle 10 skincare line and meet an amazing bunch of beauty bloggers that I rarely get to interact with. 

  In terms of beautifying myself, I decided to vamp up my nails with the nail polish Wicked by Essie. It's a very deep dark vampy red that is great to wear on your nails for fall/winter. 

  As well, I showcased my outfit of the day which also includes the newest item of my wardrobe: Faux-leather leggings from Hue. I have been struggling for months to find the right pair of leggings that fit my body properly. Alas, I found a pair while I was at a designer sample sale in Toronto. The leggings are wonderful and I have been wearing them constantly. 

  Overall, it was a very exciting week on Twenties And Fabulous.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miracle 10 Beauty Blogger Event

Left to right: Michelle Villett and Sarah Ohm
  I was very honored to be invited to the Miracle 10 Beauty Bloggers event. It was the perfect event for bloggers to unite, discuss our passion about beauty products and learn about the products from the Miracle 10 skincare line.

  Also in attendance was the highly acclaimed beauty blogger, Michelle Villett, who was the guest speaker for the event. It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to speak with Michelle as she is so highly regarded within the beauty industry in Toronto. If you are interested in celebrity beauty looks and hairstyles I recommend checking out Michelle's blog beauty editor.

  During the event, Michelle discussed some of the popular beauty trends that are being displayed on  runways. For instance, the natural makeup look has been seen in the Marc Jacobs spring/summer runway show, as shown below.
Image from here
  I personally am looking forward to this beauty trend, since I am such a fan of the natural look. However, there is definitely a lot that goes into creating a natural glowing face when you are trying to create the 'perfect' natural makeup look.

  After chatting with Michelle and the other beauty bloggers, I decided to get my makeup done as there was a Dior makeup artist on site to do some fun lip and eye looks.

  I decided to get my eye makeup done by the Dior makeup artist. The eyeshadow I am wearing comes from the Dior palette Golden shock. I am also wearing some blue mascara on my eyelashes, which I haven't worn in such a long time, but really love. 

  Overall, it was such an amazing opportunity and experience to be able to attend the Miracle 10 beauty blogger event. I learned so much, made some new beauty blogger friends, and had a great time. Oh, and I can't leave out the fact that I received an amazing gift bag from Miracle 10 that contained products from their skin care line. Stay tuned for a review on the Miracle 10 skin care products that I received coming up later on the blog. 

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Have you ever used products from the Miracle 10 Skincare line? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outfit Of The Day

  I have been on the longest quest imaginable to find a pair of leather/faux leggings. However, every time I search, I fail at finding a pair that fits me properly. I'm not sure what it is about leggings, but they never fit my body. Whether they are too big too small for me, it always seems to be this piece of clothing that I have trouble wearing. Anyone else has the same problem?

  Alas, it seems the sun comes out after a bad storm, as I found a great pair of faux leather leggings at a designer sample sale that I recently attended. Ironically, as I was ready to leave the sale I noticed a stand with leather leggings and decided to try them on. Who knew that these would be the solution to my legging nightmares. The leggings are from HUE, which happens to be a company that specializes in leg wear, tights and socks. I was a bit skeptical when I first tried them on, due to my past history of legging shopping; however, I was shocked to discover that these leggings fit my body properly. They did not roll down, rather they were tight and complimented my figure. Success- it's such a great feeling. 

In today's look I paired the leggings with a wrap kimono styled cardigan. Although the cardigan is very casual, the leggings add a bit of edge to my outfit. 

  I really like these HUE faux leather leggings and I am so happy that I picked them up.They are so easy to incorporate into my wardrobe and they help give me a bit of edge. Definitely a fun piece to have in my closet. 

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                 Do you have a favourite pair of faux/leather leggings that you love to wear?