Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Feel Grey, Just Wear It

As I began my daily get-ready-as-fast-as-possible routine this morning, I decided I wanted to incorporate some grey into my outfit. I really like wearing grey and as I have been waking up to dim grey skies more often, I felt inspired to incorporate some grey into my outfit..without looking dull and boring. 

As I riffled through the various shade of greys- light to dark in my bedroom closet my fingers landed on a lovely grey dress shirt with gold detailing on the collars that I have sadly under utilized in my wardrobe. As a result,  I decided that I would definitely wear it since its such a lovely shirt and would look good with the overall look I had in mind. I then decided to put on a lovely salt and pepper skirt that I love to wear all the time (e.g. dinner, work, shopping etc).  So basically the outfit I put together consisted of a bit of old and new-ish in a way. I hope you like it!

The outfit looks very classy and simple. The black tights also gives the outfit a more professional look while still looking fashionable. 

I chose to wear a pair of cone black heels. Not, everyone is a fan of cone, heels but I certainly am one. In fact, the heels are very comfortable and I enjoy wearing them with many of my outfits- even on casual days. A good tip: Wearing black tights with black heels will help elongate the leg. 

I wanted to dress the outfit up with a silvery necklace that would compliment the outfit. The combination of grey and silver look great together!  

To keep warm from the cool breeze, I put on a light windbreaker and scarf. 

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Skirt- Club Monaco
 Heels- BCBG Generation

Jacket- Europe Olsen
 Scarf- Esprit 

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Jason Mraz Concert & Outfit

Last summer I was lucky enough to grab some concert tickets to go see Jason Mraz perform live in concert! It was probably one of the biggest highlights of my summer, since I have been a huge fan of Jason Mraz for years and would finally be able to see him perform all of his amazing songs.

Since it would be my very first concert, the outfit I chose to wear to this event was very important. As I shifted through my closet in a fenzy, I came upon a few pieces that I thought would make a fine first concert ensemble. This is complete look:

I decided that I wanted to wear something that gave me a bit of an edge without looking too punk, so I put on a navy lace tank top with a black bandeau underneath. I then put on red skinny jeans, because I felt that the pants added a bit of an rockstar look and the colors (red & navy) both compliment each other nicely. To complete the look I added a pair of black suede round toed heels to dress up the outfit-just a bit.

*Bandeau- Mendocino
*Navy lace tank top- Urban Outfitters
*Red skinny Jeans- Buffalo Bitton
* Suede heels- BCBG Generation 

A few pictures taken at the Jason Mraz concert!

I hope you enjoyed my concert outfit and Jason Mraz pictures!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nail Polish Addiction: OPI'S VODKA & CAVIAR

OPI has been one of my favorite nail polish brands since I first discovered it in high school. The lacquers ability to transform my dull nails from its natural state to a lovely polished finished has resulted in numerous friends and strangers to ask time and again, “What color is on your nails?”

 Indeed, OPI has been able to turn nail polish into an accessory that I proudly wear everyday! The repertoire of colors, textures and quirky/cute polish names have all added to the fun and excitement of purchasing new colors; which is also a large reason that I have come to love the brand over the years.

While I can write on and on about my love for my overflowing collection of OPI nail polishes, I have decided to focus on one of my all time favorite colors – Vodka & Caviar.

Although OPI's Big Apple Red often holds the title for being a popular red nail polish that people usually purchase, I think Vodka & Caviar is equally as beautiful and is not given the credit that it deserves. It is such a beautiful deep red color that adds a nice pop of color to my nails, without being too overbearing. It is also look very classy on and I think it’s a great color to wear for both fall and winter. If you have not tried this color before, I highly recommend it!

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