Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outfit Of The Day

  I have been on the longest quest imaginable to find a pair of leather/faux leggings. However, every time I search, I fail at finding a pair that fits me properly. I'm not sure what it is about leggings, but they never fit my body. Whether they are too big too small for me, it always seems to be this piece of clothing that I have trouble wearing. Anyone else has the same problem?

  Alas, it seems the sun comes out after a bad storm, as I found a great pair of faux leather leggings at a designer sample sale that I recently attended. Ironically, as I was ready to leave the sale I noticed a stand with leather leggings and decided to try them on. Who knew that these would be the solution to my legging nightmares. The leggings are from HUE, which happens to be a company that specializes in leg wear, tights and socks. I was a bit skeptical when I first tried them on, due to my past history of legging shopping; however, I was shocked to discover that these leggings fit my body properly. They did not roll down, rather they were tight and complimented my figure. Success- it's such a great feeling. 

In today's look I paired the leggings with a wrap kimono styled cardigan. Although the cardigan is very casual, the leggings add a bit of edge to my outfit. 

  I really like these HUE faux leather leggings and I am so happy that I picked them up.They are so easy to incorporate into my wardrobe and they help give me a bit of edge. Definitely a fun piece to have in my closet. 

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                 Do you have a favourite pair of faux/leather leggings that you love to wear? 

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