Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Essie Nail Polish: Wicked

  I decided to venture into the dark realm of nail polish for Fall by purchasing the color Wicked by Essie. It's bold, rich and dark- all the characteristics needed for a great fall color.

  I was first drawn to Wicked as I was browsing through a shelf of Essie nail polishes at a local beauty store in my area; which also happens to be my weekly routine. As my fingers fell upon the vampy red bottle, I thought that it would be a good choice, since I'm always fond of how dark polishes look on my nails. Besides, Essie rarely lets me down when it comes to nail polish.

  From applying Wicked on my nails, it is apparent that the color appears to be more chocolate brown or black on the nails, than a deep dark red. However, under certain flecks of the light one can observe hues of red in the polish. Therefore, one can classify Wicked as being as a very deep dark polish on the nails.
  I personally like the richness and vampy aspect of the nail polish, especially for the Fall. I also like how nicely the polish applies to the nails. However, keep in mind that due to the darkness of this polish, it is best to apply two layers in order to avoid streaks and bring out the richness of the color. I also choose to apply a top coat to ensure longevity and to add extra shine, but it's ultimately your decision if you want to add on this extra step.

  Overall, if you are interested in attaining a vampy look this Fall, this is definitely a good polish to try out. It's creates a bold and edgy statement that looks great on all skin complexions.

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Are you into bold or vampy colors this Fall? 

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