Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miracle 10 Beauty Blogger Event

Left to right: Michelle Villett and Sarah Ohm
  I was very honored to be invited to the Miracle 10 Beauty Bloggers event. It was the perfect event for bloggers to unite, discuss our passion about beauty products and learn about the products from the Miracle 10 skincare line.

  Also in attendance was the highly acclaimed beauty blogger, Michelle Villett, who was the guest speaker for the event. It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to speak with Michelle as she is so highly regarded within the beauty industry in Toronto. If you are interested in celebrity beauty looks and hairstyles I recommend checking out Michelle's blog beauty editor.

  During the event, Michelle discussed some of the popular beauty trends that are being displayed on  runways. For instance, the natural makeup look has been seen in the Marc Jacobs spring/summer runway show, as shown below.
Image from here
  I personally am looking forward to this beauty trend, since I am such a fan of the natural look. However, there is definitely a lot that goes into creating a natural glowing face when you are trying to create the 'perfect' natural makeup look.

  After chatting with Michelle and the other beauty bloggers, I decided to get my makeup done as there was a Dior makeup artist on site to do some fun lip and eye looks.

  I decided to get my eye makeup done by the Dior makeup artist. The eyeshadow I am wearing comes from the Dior palette Golden shock. I am also wearing some blue mascara on my eyelashes, which I haven't worn in such a long time, but really love. 

  Overall, it was such an amazing opportunity and experience to be able to attend the Miracle 10 beauty blogger event. I learned so much, made some new beauty blogger friends, and had a great time. Oh, and I can't leave out the fact that I received an amazing gift bag from Miracle 10 that contained products from their skin care line. Stay tuned for a review on the Miracle 10 skin care products that I received coming up later on the blog. 

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Have you ever used products from the Miracle 10 Skincare line? 

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