Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit of the day: Golden Club Monaco Blazer

  Before it begins to warm up, if it actually ever does, I decided to dress up in my most festive blazer. Why? Because this gold blazer is fabulous and all things fabulous deserve to be appreciated in the best way possible. 

   I first laid eyes on this golden blazer when shopping at Club Monaco; which also happens to be one of my favorite store for classic and chic pieces. Although some people may shy away from a gold blazer, I personally was drawn to all of its magnificent glory. I stood in front of the blazer imagining all of the ways I could style it and incorporate it into my wardrobe. And yes, I am willing to wear this blazer at work (I work in an office). In my opinion, if there is any time to be daring in your life, it is best to do so when your young. I say this because many people stop taking risks with their appearance or the clothing they wear as they get older; especially because of societal norms and trying to fit in or to look a certain way. So rather than shying away from bright or strong colors, I usually jump at the chance to wear bright red pants, neon tank tops and in this case a gold blazer.

  The blazer retails for $275.00, which is way above my budget. Thankfully, I had $75.00 gift card for the store that I had been waiting for the perfect moment to use. I was extra lucky that day because the store also had a huge discount taking place in the entire and I ended up only paying $150.00 for the blazer. What a steal!  

  Giddy from the initial rush of my new purchase, I went home to try it on and come up with different ways to style my new piece. Below are some pictures of different ways that I choose to style and incorporate my new blazer with my wardrobe. 

 A great look for a business professional. Imagine being an marketing professional or working in PR and coming to work in this outfit! Girl on a roll. 


//Club Monaco blazer//
//Donald J. Pliner silver capped heels//
//Club Monaco cropped dress pants//

           Buttoning up the blazer changes makes you look more professional and polished.

I made small changes by changing the shoes I am wearing from heels to a black bootie. The bootie makes this outfit a bit more laid back, in comparison to when I had the heels on. Perfect for a night out with the girls from some drinks!

//Club Monaco blazer//
//Just Fab black booties//
//Zara black jeans//

I hope you liked the way I styled my outfit and I look forward to reading your comments! 

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