Sunday, April 13, 2014

Highlights Of My Week: Fashion, Beauty, DIY

Top Row: (Fashion)

  The outfit of the day that is depicted above highlights one of my favorite pieces in my closet: my golden blazer from Club Monaco. As mentioned in my previous post, I love this blazer and view it as an incredibly classy and stylish piece. I personally styled this blazer with all black in order to create some contrast as the gold is already very bold and is the main attraction. Wear with booties or a pair of heels depending on where you will be going for that day.

Middle Row: (Beauty)

  I decided to paint my nails this week with a nail polish color that I recently purchased from a makeup warehouse sale. The nail polish is by Essie and is called size matters. The color is a nice wine color that gives me a mature look when applied on the nails. I used two coats of polish to produce the richness of this color. All that is needed is a top coat and you are ready to go.

  I also made an appointment at the salon and got my hair done. Magazine of choice as I dried my hair: Fashion magazine. I left the hair salon extremely happy with the final result of my hair.

Bottom Row: (DIY Project)

  A few days ago I was shopping at Urban Outfitters and noticed a flyer for a DIY Bracelet Workshop. As I have always had an interest in making my own jewelry, I figured this would be a worthwhile workshop to visit. When I arrived to the workshop with my friend in toe, I was surprised that this workshop would involve gimp- a plastic material that I remember using to make bracelets when I was younger and spent my days at summer camp.

  As I hadn't made these bracelets in years, the instructor was really helpful and spent a few minutes teaching me how to make the bracelets. Although I struggled for a while to create my bracelet, I was eventually able to piece together my bracelet (very slowly). Overall, the workshop was incredibly fun and has inspired me to create some bracelets for myself in the future. *The bracelet shown above was created by the instructor of the workshop: Leah Renee Tomlinson.

 I hope you enjoyed my highlights for the week!

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