Sunday, March 30, 2014

Style Trend 2014: Overalls Make A Comeback!

Style Trend 2014: Overalls

One of the biggest trends this Spring 2014 is overalls.  Yes, the one article of clothing that is reminiscent of your child years and grass stained knees (at least for me). It seems as though everywhere I go clothing stores are jumping on this trend, and I have to admit that I am kind of excited to jump on board myself- even if I do repel some men away.

One thing I really like about the resurgence of the overall is that it’s not your basic old pair of overalls that you are seeing in stores, but rather a revamped up, stylish take on the classic overall. For instance, designers are incorporating leather into their overalls, ripped denim and even bright colors. And if your not a fan of overall pants, why not try the overall skirt?

Overall, the overall one 90’s trend I am happy to revisit!

Is this a trend you are happy to see re-emerge? Comment below.

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