Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Trends for Fall: The Hudson Bay Trend Report!

Yesterday I attended the Fall Trend Report at the Hudson Bay. I always enjoy attending this event because it gives me such great ideas about how to style myself for fall and how to incorporate certain looks into my wardrobe. Another reason that I really like this event is because its presents a variety of pieces that range in price from low to high end, which is great if you are on a budget or don't want to break the bank. But do keep in mind that some items shown can be quite pricey. 

This year the event focused on the 5 trends that are big this fall: Coats, Feminine Allure, Denim, Rock Chic and Preppy/Oxford. All of these trends can be viewed in the pictures below:

It's All About The Coat!

Coats are huge for fall! Notice how the coats shown are not extremely fitted, but fall nicely on the body. Always try to have fun with your coat because "your coat is your outfit"- in the words of Stephanie Mark from the Coveteur

Feminine Allure

With the feminine allure look this fall, we will see longer skirts coming back. Notice the beautiful long skirt that is shown in the bottom right picture (Lord & Taylor). The feminine allure look is very elegant and classy. Pearls and jewel necklaces are popular with this look. 

The Canadian Tuxedo 

The Canadian Tuxedo is essentially head to toe denim. Some trends to watch out for are denim overalls which can be worn with a nice white dress shirt as seen in the picture on the left. By adding a dress shirt with the overalls, helps to create a more pieced together look and does not leave you looking like a 5 year old. 

Rock Chic

Leather jackets have been huge for the past couple of years and are still a huge trend this fall.  Style your leather jackets with skirts, dresses or even tights to give you a chic yet edgy look. 

Girl's Club

The girl's club has a bit of an androgynous/masculine feel. Oxford, tweed, plaid and brown are reoccurring colors and textures that are used to achieve this style. Tip: If this look is too neutral for your liking, add a pop of color like the green oxford bag shown in the bottom left picture. 

In addition: Food and drinks

Another reason to come to this event: Before the fashion show begins, attendees are given yummy appetizers and drinks- which is always a good thing! Ahh I love the Hudson Bay!

I hope you this post gave you some great ideas about how to style yourself for fall. 

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