Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Essie's New Nail Polish: After School Boy Blazer

After School Boy Blazer is one of the new nail polish colors that was introduced in Essie's latest fall collection. In comparison to the light hues that were popular this summer, this color is incredibly dark and has undertones of blue, which leaves a blue-black finish on the nails. Interestingly, depending on the angle you hold you hand in the light, the polish appears to be a deep navy blue color.

As I'm a huge fan of dark colors I'm really excited that this nail polish is getting back to the darker colors that used to be popular a couple of years ago--think of Black Onyx by OPI. And in my opinion darker colors can be versatile and create a chic look or an edgy look depending on how you style yourself for the day.

If your nails have not donned a dark color or you want something more dramatic, this would definitely be a great nail polish color to try out for fall.

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