Monday, October 21, 2013


A couple of days ago I was shopping with one of my friends at the Hudson Bay department store when I noticed a new beauty line that I had never seen before in Canada. The makeup line that I am referring to is called ILLAMASQUA, which originally comes from England and has recently been added to the Hudson Bay stores in Canada. Yippie!

Since the line was not available in Canada previously, I asked the sales associate to help me out and she was really great and informative (Thanks Hannah)! I really like when a beauty rep is passionate about their product and knows what they are talking about when they represent a company, because it makes me feel more comfortable to try it out.

What I Gathered:

ILLAMASQUA is all about creativity and self-expression. The colors used in the line are very bold and reminds me of costume make-up in the sense that it is very dramatic and stands out. The colors are bright and very pigmented so a little goes a long way, which is something I really like since you don’t necessarily need to use a primer. Tip: When applying the eye shadow or blush a light hand is important if you don’t want too much product on your face since it is very pigmented.

 As well, out most of the brands that I have purchased over the years, I really like the packaging that ILLMASAQUA uses for their product. It has a very romantic and gothic feel, which ties into their dramatic appearance. 

Overall, I really like this line and the positive message it sends (creativity and individuality) and I look forward to adding a few pieces to my makeup collection now that it is available in Canada. 

Eye Palette,  Powder Blusher Duo & Bronzing Due

Powder Eye Shadow

Powder Blusher


Lipstick Swatch-Apocalips

Apoclips is probably one of my favorite colours from ILLAMASQUA's lipstick collection. I really like that it goes on matte and compliments my complexion nicely. Also, green/teal lipstick is becoming a growing trend and I hope to see more people wearing it since it is such a fun color.  

A little extra for the nail lovers out there: I could not help but notice that the beauty rep for ILLAMASQUA had AMAZING nail art so I just had to ask if she would be willing to showcase them for my blog. Thanks! Aren't they beautiful?

I hope you enjoyed my post!
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