Friday, October 4, 2013

Sam Edelman Shows Latest Shoe Line At Hudson's Bay

Yesterday shoe designer Sam Edelman came to The Hudson Bay to promote his shoe collection and sign some autographs for his loyal fans. If you are a shoe-aholic or hoarder of shoes like me, then this is a pretty exciting event to go to. 

As I stood with all the posh men and women waiting for Sam Edelman to arrive, models stood around showcasing some of his latest styles.

  1) Looks like pointy-toe shoes are here to stay!
  2) Black leather booties are super cute this fall
  3) These booties with laces are great casual footwear to wear everyday

Sam Edelman has become known for his comfortable flats that come in a variety of colors and styles. 

Suede pointy heels with studded straps! 

They asked that people purchase a pair of Sam Edelman shoes and he would sign it for you. I thought this was an interesting concept, but I wondered whether one would want to walk in the shoes once it was sign? I personally think  that I would put the shoes on a shelf so I could stare at them all day! But, I guess it really depends on the person. 

Overall, I found Sam Edelman's line to be pretty impressive. I really like the fact the he has a wide range of styles to choose from -flats, booties, heels etc.  I think shoe variety is essential in ones wardrobe because it gives you options when piecing together an outfit. As well, I have been a fan of Sam Edelman's shoes for a while and I  personally find them to have a lot of cushioning and to be very comfortable on ones foot which is sometimes hard to find in a stylish shoe. As a shoe designer I think Sam Edelman proves that women can look wear comfortable shoes and look stylish at the same time! 

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