Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Feel Grey, Just Wear It

As I began my daily get-ready-as-fast-as-possible routine this morning, I decided I wanted to incorporate some grey into my outfit. I really like wearing grey and as I have been waking up to dim grey skies more often, I felt inspired to incorporate some grey into my outfit..without looking dull and boring. 

As I riffled through the various shade of greys- light to dark in my bedroom closet my fingers landed on a lovely grey dress shirt with gold detailing on the collars that I have sadly under utilized in my wardrobe. As a result,  I decided that I would definitely wear it since its such a lovely shirt and would look good with the overall look I had in mind. I then decided to put on a lovely salt and pepper skirt that I love to wear all the time (e.g. dinner, work, shopping etc).  So basically the outfit I put together consisted of a bit of old and new-ish in a way. I hope you like it!

The outfit looks very classy and simple. The black tights also gives the outfit a more professional look while still looking fashionable. 

I chose to wear a pair of cone black heels. Not, everyone is a fan of cone, heels but I certainly am one. In fact, the heels are very comfortable and I enjoy wearing them with many of my outfits- even on casual days. A good tip: Wearing black tights with black heels will help elongate the leg. 

I wanted to dress the outfit up with a silvery necklace that would compliment the outfit. The combination of grey and silver look great together!  

To keep warm from the cool breeze, I put on a light windbreaker and scarf. 

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Skirt- Club Monaco
 Heels- BCBG Generation

Jacket- Europe Olsen
 Scarf- Esprit 

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