Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Target Outfit Of The Day

It's summer and what's more fun than wearing florals in the summer?

   For today's outfit of the day,  I decided to wear a budget friendly outfit from Target or Tar-Jay as I like to call it. The dress is actually from Target's affordable designer collection, which is designed by  fashion duo Peter Pilotto exclusively for Target. I love that Target has affordable designer collections, as it allows individuals to have more accessibility to clothing designed by high-end designers; especially if on a budget. 

  I feel really lucky that I was able to pick up this beautiful dress considering that so many girls were trying to get their hands on these exclusive Target pieces. I love the mix of the colours and the transition to a darker tone with florals at the bottom of the dress. It is such a unique piece and  is nothing like anything I have in my closet. I am so happy I snapped this one up! Below are more images of this lovely dress for you to view. 

Even in front of a brick wall, this dress just pops. 

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Photos by: @Cruzein_

     Have you ever shopped at Target and found some amazing deals?

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