Friday, August 7, 2015

Bloggers Networking Event Recap

   Some of you may be aware from my previous posts that I am one of the co-founders of an organization called conNEXTion. The main objective of the organization is to unite bloggers and other creative talent in one space and help them to connect, network and gain mentorship. 

  Although conNEXTion is fairly new, we just hosted our second event this week and it turned out to be a success. We had a variety of people with different creative skills and backgrounds attend, as we open up our event to photographers, designers, social media experts, vendors and other creative individuals. As a result, the event not only brings in bloggers, but a plethora of creative and likeminded people that are looking to connect. 

  Below are some pictures of the individuals (bloggers, videographers, journalists, photographers, vendors etc.) that attended the our event. 

The very fashionable blogger Melina Morry (The Lady Like Leopard) and myself pose for a picture

Great to see everyone having a good time.

  Overall, the ConNEXTion Bloggers Networking Event was a success and we look forward to hosting our next event which will include workshop/panels with experts. Stay tuned!

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 Have you ever been to a Bloggers Networking Event? 

All photos taken by: Geoff Robichaud 

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