Monday, June 1, 2015

Successful Blogger Networking Event!

  After months of organizing and planning, the first conNEXTion event took place last week without a hitch! The event was incredibly successful and brought out bloggers, photographers, marketers and other creative individuals to connect, socialize and build relationships with one another.

  It was such a great experience and a pleasure to meet so many creative and talented people in one space. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and please stay tuned for another conNEXTion event hosted by myself and the two other co-founders Why I Love Toronto (left) and Think Outside The Cloth (right) in the near future!

  Below I have posted a few pictures of the attendees that came out to the event to connect and network with one another. Enjoy!

          As attendees enter the venue, we ask that they write down one of their social media handles. 
Our DJ for the night was awesome and played some great music to entertain our guests.

                                                  Myself with Style blogger- Jackline.

                                                  Bethanny, Happie Micah & Kateryna

The end result: After a great night of socializing and connecting, we had a fabulous time and chalk board filled with social media handles. 

Stay tuned as there will be more conNEXTion events to come! Thank you for all of your support! 

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Photo Credit: Marta Golova

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