Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Styling The Same Skirt In Two Different Ways

  Many times we go shopping, we purchase an item and only imagine styling it in one way with a specific item we have in our closet. However, what we often fail to realize is that items can be styled in so many different ways. In today's blog post I wanted to demonstrate how the same skirt could be paired with different items in order to create completely different looks.

  In the image with the black knit sweater one can observe that the look is very relaxed as the sweater falls on the body as a loose fit.  Although the skirt is fitted, the look is much more casual as the black sweater and grey skirt both create a more toned down look.

  In the second image on can observe that adding a pop of colour can quickly change the way the skirt looks. The outfit already looks much more vibrant and more dressy than the previous outfit. The teal shirt is also loose fitting, but its texture allows for the fabric to cling more to the body when in a relaxed pose. Although it is the same skirt displayed in both images, the outfits both look very different and convey a new style.


  As we often forget what we already have in our closet,  it's important to look around and try mixing and matching as you can create multiple looks with the pieces you already have in your closet.

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                                     Do you mix and match with the pieces you have in your closet?

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