Monday, October 20, 2014

Highlights Of My Week: Celebrities, YouTube & Food

  This was such a wonderful week filled with new beginnings and dreams/goals being put into fruition. After several months of organizing and saving money to purchase equipment, I was finally able to start my YouTube channel called Kristen Berk. I am so excited about this endeavor and I hope to continue to create great content for everyone to enjoy! 

  Also, this week I discussed the 5 top reasons we love Amal Alamuddin or at least my top reasons for loving this lady. 

  I also had some great meals this week. I went healthy with an Asian mix salad from the franchise restaurant Moxies. It was reasonably priced for a pretty decent size and tasty salad. I continued my healthy streak this week by having vegan quesadillas. I usually don't seek out vegan dishes, but this item seemed too good to pass up on; especially because the waitress raved on about how great it was. Not only was this quesadilla tasty, but it was also well priced at only $5.00 at El Furniture Warehouse, which every item happens to be priced at. And even though it's a cheap menu, the food and portion size is really good. If you are ever in Toronto, I highly recommend visiting this spot. Great meals for cheap deals!    

  Overall, I had a great week and I hope you all did as well. As well, stay tuned for my new YouTube video, which will be posted next week. *Hint it involves food. Yum. 

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