Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fashion Show With Fashion Art Toronto

It's fashion and arts week in Toronto, and I was very fortunate to be invited by one of my friends to attend this event for Fashion Arts Toronto (FAT). The premise behind this event is to showcase the creative talent of artists, fashion designers and performers. 

Below are some images of the fashions shows that I watched. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to discuss which designs you enjoyed best.


Adam X Atelier delivers a modern-day ready to wear clothing line that empowers women.

Purple was a color that was commonly observed throughout the pieces in this collection. The coat shown below is brilliant and is such a bold statement piece.  

The highlight of this collection had to be this fabulous black and gold dress worn by the equally beautiful model that happens to remind me of the actress Lupita Nyong'o. 

The model in this dress was exquisite as she danced around on stage and her dress flowed around with every sway. It was such a beautiful moment on the runway. 


Porte bases their collection on a huge trend that is popular this summer- all white clothing. The collection showcased by Porte delivers a fresh, feminine and classy look. The line is reminiscent of fabulous beach parties and all white events. Definetly a very pretty line aesthetically, which a large focus on detailing and cut outs on their designs. 


                         The clothing line Diodati is intense, modern and extremely futuristic. 

The mixing of fabric and a leather material is commonly seen in this line.

Diodati takes modern day looks and add a twist to them. Look at the elongated tank the model is wearing. What a great piece. 


Plaid rules the runway in the designs by clothing line Copious. Red and yellow plaid dresses dominate the catwalk as models strut in these fabulous designs. 

I am such a huge fan of plaid that I appreciated that a designer would focus the majority of her line on creating red and yellow plaid dresses. Brave yet creative. 

The look below reminds me of a modern day red riding hood.

Yellow plaid dresses peplum plaid dresses are so cute. Watching these twins walk down the catwalk was so enjoyable. Double the trouble is so much fun in fashion! 

The highlight of this show was when the designer of Copious chose to walk out at the end of her show with all of her models, which was amazing to see. 

The media is incredibly fashionable too. Check out these photogs. They are so cute and chic I just had to take a photo of them, while they took photos of models.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a taste of the amazing talent that Toronto has to offer!
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