Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Designer Highlight: Natasha Sakhuja & Henry Navarro

          When two creatives minds come together, you know that something beautiful will transpire. 

    Canadian designers Natasha Sakhuja and Henry Navarro collaborated together to create their collection Femme Universalis for Fashion Art Toronto. Sakhuja is known for her glamorous Western-Indian inspired pieces that incorporate beautiful silks and gems. Navarro who is a designer and professor at Ryerson's Faculty of Fashion creates designs that are conceptual. 

  Although the designer duo are known for different looks, they always knew that they wanted to work together. By July of 2013, the designers both came together to create their collection: Femme Universalis. The concept behind their line is feminism with symbols of ancient goddesses and fertility being displayed throughout the line. In order to create this look the designers chose to implement light natural fabrics and earth tones in their line. The overall result is a beautiful collection that empowers and celebrates womenhood. 

Below are some images of their Natasha Sakhuja and Henry Navarro's collection: Femme Universalis

This is my favorite piece in the collection. I love the neutral colours used and the minimalist detailing on this piece. 

In the fashion world, models often experience pressure to look a certain way and maintain a certain weight in order to fit into the clothing that they are paid to showcase. However, Natasha and Henry's collection embraces all women- even mothers. The model seen below wears a beautiful dress that emphasizes her pregnancy. It is very refreshing to see women of various shapes and sizes on the runway and gives hope that the fashion industry is beginning to be more open about the models they choose to hire for their shows. 

 A brilliant show by two creative and talented designers.

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