Sunday, September 15, 2013

Target Launches NEW Philip Lim Collection!

To be honest I have never shopped at Target before. I always heard good things about Target (e.g. cheap and quality products), but never made any effort to go to one since the stores in Toronto always seemed to be so far and out of the way. But, when I found out Philip Lim would be launching a new affordable line at Target, I decided that I should make some time to check out his new launch. Plus,  affordable fashion sounded very appealing to me as a girl on a budget!

When I arrived to Target in the morning to see Lim’s new collection, most of the items were already sold out! (I now know to line up at 5:00 a.m.) Nonetheless, I was still lucky enough to get hold of some cute pieces.

Here are some of the different looks from Philip Lim's collection:

This dress came in two different colors as you can see below. I decided to wear a belt with both of the dresses, because it gives my body more shape. One thing I really liked about this dress is the gems that surround the collar. I think that the gems are a really nice addition to the dress and gives it a more classy and sophisticated look. 

I really like this grey gem studded tank top. I normally wear a size small or xs small in most of my shirts, but the medium size falls very nicely on my body. I also like that the tank top gives me a bit of an edgy look with my patchy jeans.

Although I could not try on more of Philip Lim's clothing for his new launch at Target, I was very pleased with the items that I did try on! The quality of the clothing did not seem cheap or poorly made and the prices were quite reasonable ($24.99-70.00). I think I will definitely visit Target again.

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                                                         Photography by: Isabella De Bartolo

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