Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Hairstyle & H&M, Club Monaco Outfit

  It's fall and I have a new hairstyle. As much as I loved my extra long box braids, I felt it was time for a new look. As fall is the season that I wear my hats the most, I decided to go for a simple hairstyle that would require little maintenance and work well with my collection. 

  For today's look I decided to wear black on black with a pop of white. I personally like wearing all black as I think it looks chic, sophisticated and slightly hipster or artsy at times. I'm not that artsy, but I don't mind looking like I spend my nights observing fine art and sipping wine.... but I digress..

  To achieve this all black look I whipped out my black turtleneck from The Gap. Yes, I pulled out the turtleneck already. My pants are from Club Monaco and I rolled them up in order to create a boyfriend look. I paired the outfit with my fave of fave shoes- converse. The piece du resistance- my felt fedora is from H&M.

  The complete look was not very expensive, and is easy to put together since most people already incorporate black items in their wardrobe.

  Overall, I find that when I wear all black, I feel confident, and shouldn't we wear what makes us feel the good?

 Do you like wearing all black in the fall?

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Photos by: Nataly Tegza

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