Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carmex Lip Ointment

  The search for the perfect lip balm continues.... As many of you may be aware from my previous EOS lip balm post, I have been in search of a lip balm that can conquer this cold weather and help nourish my dry lips. As a result, I have been testing out a variety of different lip balms in order to find the best one that will work for me.  

  The newest lip product I have decided to try out is the Carmex lip ointment. I first discovered Carmex a few years ago when I first started watching YouTube videos, and noticed that so many beauty gurus would rave about this product. After hearing many positive reviews, I decided to purchase this product. Unfortunately, I could never find it in stores. Yet another product only available in the United States I assumed; thus, Carmex was out of the picture. However, while recently shopping at Target (our newest US big box retailer in Canada) I noticed this little yellow tube hanging beside other products close to the checkout. I could't believe it was Carmex. I completely forgot that when Target came over to Canada they would bring  all the products not available to Canadian consumers beforehand. I could finally get my hands on a product that I wanted for so long and I was definitely not going to pass up on purchasing it now. 

  I have been using Carmex for two weeks and noticed that it lives up to its name as a lip ointment. When applied to the lip the product has an ointment consistency and scent, similar to one that would be found in a medicine cabinet. I also noticed that I feel a tingling sensation when I apply the product to my lip, but this is because the product contains menthol and camphor which is meant to help moisturize and soothe the lips. 

  When I first started using the balm, it was hard to tell whether the product was working. It doesn't have instantaneous effects so I couldn't really notice much difference. As more time has passed I have noticed that my lips appear to be in better condition. They are no longer dry and are not peeling as much, which is a huge plus. However, I do notice that the product is not as long lasting as I would prefer. Perhaps this is why the instructions on the back of the tube recommends applying the product 3-4 times daily. 

  And while the product may not be very long lasting, I have noticed that my lips don't feel too dry after the product has fully absorbed. In fact, my lips still feel moist long after the product has absorbed and I find it to be a perfect base to apply lipstick onto. I especially like using it with my matte lipsticks, which are often very drying. 

  Overall, my lips feel much better after using Carmex lip ointment. My lips are not as dry as they were beforehand and do not peel as much. I also think that this is a fantastic product to use before and after applying lipstick. 

  Although it is a good product, especially for the price ($1.97), I found that the product took a bit too long to help my lips feel restored and moisturized, and I personally am not a huge fan of the tingling sensation. Besides these minor downsides, I would nonetheless recommend this product. However, I still will continue my search for a great lip balm, even though Carmex is a good contender at the moment. *Stay tuned for next Wednesday to find out the newest balm I have begun to try out. 

Have you tried Carmex before? And which lip balm do you recommend I try out?

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