Monday, October 27, 2014

Essie Nail Polish: Watermelon

  Before we say goodbye to summer dresses, ripped shorts and green leaves, lets just bring out bright nail polish for one last hurrah. I know most people are searching the nail polish lines for their new Fall collections, but as a nail polish devotee and connoisseur I cannot pass up on a bubbly bright, slap in your face pink polish. Is it wrong to sometimes want to wear a pop of color on my nails that screams summer and patio drinks? I think not.

  I am not claiming that bright colours become extinct the moment leaves change from green to an orange-yellow shade, but rather highlighting that there is a tendency to wear deeper darker colors in the Fall.

  So rather than writing about the best nail polish color that will go great with your fall utility jacket, I have decided to write about a bright pink polish that I am wearing, cause occasionally I do that. The colour donned on my nails today is an Essie nail polish in the color Watermelon.

 Essie's Watermelon is a hot pink color that gives off a nice sheen on the nails. The color is similar to an OPI nail polish that I have called Your Such A Kabuki Queen, which is probably why I was initially attracted to the color when I picked it up. After applying a swatch of Watermelon to a piece of tape, I immediately feel for this nail polish color. I really like the vibrancy of this polish and I find that the color is so pigmented that one could get away with only applying one coat of polish, even though most people usually apply two coats to their nails.

  This is a great color for all skin complexions and if you a fan of bright colors you will definitely enjoy wearing Watermelon on your nails.

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Do you think Essie's Watermelon is a color you would want to wear? 

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