Monday, September 29, 2014

Outfit of The Day: Zebra Print H&M Dress

  The weather in the city has been lovely lately, so I decided take advantage of it and wear one of my favourite dresses today. I purchased this black and white zebra dress from H&M about a year ago for only $10 during one of their in store weekly sales. To be honest, at the time I was shopping at H&M I didn't have much luck finding any interesting pieces, or anything that I could imagine myself wearing. However, when I saw this black and white print dress on the sales rack, it really stood out to me.  I really liked that the zebra print was not the only print on the dress, as black zebra strokes are displayed on top of the white background, which makes the dress look more interesting rather than having a bunch of zebras alone on the dress. As well, I didn't have anything in my closet with zebra print, and the price was too tempting to resist. I ultimately decided that this was a great piece that I could not pass up on.

  Since purchasing this dress, I have become a fan of zebra print. It is such a fun and unique print that you can't find everywhere. If you have never worn animal print before, I would recommend zebra print as it can be easily paired with anything as it is black and white.

Can you believe this dress was only $10.00?! I still feel like I got an amazing steal every time I put this dress on.

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Do you like to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe?

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