Sunday, August 24, 2014

Highlights Of My Week: Beauty, Food, Bloggers & Drinks

This was such a fun week. The highlights of my week are discussed below: 

Top row:

Left: I wanted to do a different colour on my nails that I haven't done forever. As a huge fan of the 'all white' dress attire for the summer, I thought it would be fitting to take this fashion trend one step higher by applying white to my nails. The polish I used is by OPI called Alpine Snow and it is such a nice bright colour. This colour actually reminds me of a neon colour since it stands out so much on my nails, especially with my skin complexion. This is definitely a colour I would recommend and if you like nail art, this would be a good base to use before you begin to add more colours.

Center: One of my really good friends is getting married, so before the wedding I decided to take her out to her favourite restaurant Defina. It's a pizzeria and she claims it has some of the best pizza in Toronto. Well she definitely wasn't lying the pizza was delicious and so was the dish of grilled vegetables that we ordered. Honestly, I had no idea how good a dish of vegetables on their own could taste.

Right: Drinks after work is always so much fun! Even though I am not a big beer drinker, I decided to have a Stella Artois with a side order of sweet potato fries. Although, I drank it incredibly slow, it was nice to sit with friends and enjoy the rest of the night.

Second row:

Left: This week I had the opportunity to hang out with my friend Melina, who just happens to be a fashion blogger. I always love hanging out with her because she is so much fun and we can relate with one another since we both blog and always have so much to talk about.

Center: Every year Toronto holds the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), which is basically an exhibition that takes place towards the end of the summer. When the CNE starts, it is a sign that summer is over and it's time for reality to kick back in. Although, it is a sign of work and school many people love the CNE for the fun rides and fun food combinations that they provide. This year, I tried one of their new food concoctions called The Thanksgiving Waffle. The waffle is made with stuffing in the batter, cranberries, slices of turkey in it and gravy. I personally was not a huge fan of this waffle, but I think its because I am not a big fan of turkey. I just decided to try this meal out because I heard great reviews and I figured it would turn me into a turkey feign, but unfortunately it didn't. Overall, I did think it tasted good, but it not something that I would want try again.

Right: This week I wrote a review about the Burt's Bees tinted lip balm that I tried in the shade Wild Violet.  I found the lip balm to be highly moisturizing, however, I did not feel that it provided me with the tint I would like to see on my lips.  Overall, I thought it was a good product, but it was a bit too natural for me to be a tinted lip balm. In the future when I use it, I will most likely apply it over my matte lipsticks to give it a bit of a shine and keep my lips from getting to dry.

These were the highlights of my week. I hope you enjoyed reading about them!

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