Monday, February 10, 2014

Peter Pilotto Launch At Target

    Yesterday I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to line up in the cold for the new Peter Pilotto Collection that was launching at Target. Ughh...But to be honest it was not that bad. I was actually lining up outside for only 5 minutes...but that was also because I was the last person in the line. Apparently, my efforts to be early were still not good enough, as there were dozens of people who had arrived much earlier than me; proving that the possibility of losing a limb to frost bite was not a concern to them. Next time I will make sure to be early with them. I can't leave my fellow shopping addicts alone in this venture.  

    Although I thought I was winning when I got into the store, the Target employees decided to control the shopping "event" from getting out of hand by only allowing 10 people at a time to try on the clothing!!? Apparently, they think we may end up like the people you see on the news that trample their fellow shoppers, or spray their eyes with pepper spray during a Black Friday event. 

    Anyways, after waiting for another hour in the store, it was finally my turn to see whatever else was remaining. Luckily for me, one of the employees began placing items that were in the fitting room back onto the floor and I managed to get some pieces. Yay! I guess it all worked out in the end. As I purchased a few items, I have decided to break this post into three parts in order to focus on each item  and discuss how to style them.  

    If I could only go home with one item from this whole collection, this is probably the one I would pick. I love the floral print- which is something Peter Pilotto is known for. It's a really interesting combination of colors, which I don't usually see on a dress.  I also find the dress to be elegant and tasteful. I love when designers can make a woman feel great and that is exactly what this dress does for me. 

    I think this is such a great dress and I look forward to wearing it everywhere (e.g work, engagements etc). Another thing I love about this dress is that it costs $39.99! I love that designers are now trying to help women who cannot always afford to purchase high end clothing to be able to access it at retailers like Target. It really helps to expose high end fashion brands to more people without breaking the bank. 


As the dress is already a statement piece all by itself, I chose to add a simple silver necklace and a belt to help make the dress be a bit more fitted on me.  However, please note that belted or unbelted the dress still looks great on. The shoes I am wearing are from Forever 21. So basically this whole outfit is a budget buy; which is something I completely believe in. 


Floral & Flirty..

Stay tuned for tomorrow to find out what else I purchased from the Peter Pilotto Launch and see how I styled the pieces to fit into my wardrobe. 

Remember to stay fabulous!

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