Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Illamasqua has just launched their new winter collection and I am really excited to be able to showcase some of their newest products!

   Eyeshadow: Fatale Palette

The eye shadows in this winter palette are highly pigmented, which is something that Illamasqua has truly mastered in their eye shadows. Every time I swatch a colour, it feels like silk on my skin and is so smooth and light. The colors in the winter collection are absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. I am a fan of every color, which is a bit rare as I have a tendency to wear neutral colours (e.g. bronze) on my eyelids. However,  I not only like all of the colors in this palette (which is also rare), but I actually can envision myself wearing each of these colors. 

  • Charm is a versatile color that will look great with all of the eye shadows in this palette! 
  •  Women of colour/deeper tones will looks great with ensnare and mystify on their lids.

Sculpting Powder Palette: Duo Lumos & Heliopolis

This is sculpting palette, is a great palette for contouring and highlighting on the face. I like that it has some glitter in the highlight color, which will give a bit of a glow to the face. Similarly, to the eye shadows, this powder applies so nicely to the skin and feels quite light on the skin. In fact, I really like when it feels like there is nothing on my face, even though I have product on. 

Although this is a great palette, it is too light for my complexion. However, for women with lighter skin tones, this would be a great palette to try out. 

Lipstick Collection

I really like Illamasqua for their lipstick, because they always have such bright and vibrant colours. 

One of my favorite colors from this winter collection is Scandal. I really like pink/peachy colors, so I figured that I should give this one a go. Here is a look of Scandal on my lips: 

  I think this lipstick color looks nice with my complexion and is not too overpowering, nor washes out my color. However, as this color is quite matte, I think it is important to use a lip liner and moisturizer (if you prefer) before applying this lipstick on. 

Nail polish: Blizz & Boosh

The new polishes from the winter collection: The glittery nail polish is called Blizz, which makes sense considering that it looks similar to a winter snow storm. The other color is Boosh, which is a color that I am more drawn to as I like dark gothic colors on my nails during the winter. I have not tried either polishes yet, but I am such a big fan of nail polish that I wanted to show you guys a sneak peek into Illamasqua's new winter nail polish.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
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