Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Clothing retailer Tristan has just launched their new fragrances ELLE & LUI in their stores yesterday. The line is French inspired with Elle being for women and LUI being for men. The packaging of the fragrance bottles is quite simple with a wooden cover, which gives the product a very natural and pure appearance. 

As I am familiar with Tristan's clothing line and have bought a few pieces myself, I wanted to try out their new fragrance for women and see if I would like it. Initially when I sprayed the ELLE perfume on, I could smell a bit of the alcohol in the product, which I didn't like too much;  however, as the perfume began to dry on my skin the scent started to smell much better. I would best describe the scent as a combination of baby powder and flowers; giving it a very feminine quality. 

Overall, as this perfume is not very strong in smell, it is good for individuals that prefer to wear light  feminine scents. 

Tip: Make sure you try out a scent before you purchase it as perfumes always smell different on each individual. 

Although this is no beauty product or fragrance I wanted to include a picture of the cupcakes they were serving at the event, because I thought it was really interesting that they had mini cupcakes with the Tristan brand on it. I guess brands are on everything these days. Not only were the cupcakes really cute, but they tasted really good too! Yum!

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