Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone,                           

My name is Kristen and I am new to the blogging world. I have always wanted to have my own blog and now I have finally taken the steps to achieve it. So this is my first blog post and I hope you enjoy it!

Recently I went shopping at Urban Outfitter’s and bought this really cute mint dress covered in white flowers. It was originally $79.99, but was marked on sale for $39.99. Initially when I saw it hanging up in the sale section, I was not sure if it would look good on me. It was like no dress I had purchased before, as I watched it hanging on the rack.  It didn’t even look spectacular, but hey I figured that I needed something mint in my wardrobe this summer and should give it a try. Plus I have learned from previous shopping experiences that things often look better on the person than they do on a hanger.

Well, I guess this theory proves to be true, because let me tell you how amazing this dress is on me! (Not to brag or anything)

This dress is beau-ti-ful! As I watched myself standing in front of the mirror in the Urban Outfitter’s change room, I fell in love. It is so lovely on. It falls so nicely and makes me feel oh so feminine and pretty.  The color looks great with my complexion, and I love the collar, which gives it a classy look. 

For the exception of a small snag, it was essentially perfect! Also, I have to highlight that due to the small snag, (barely noticeable) I received an additional discount. I believe in the motto: If you don’t ask you don’t get! Total cost of item with discount: $36.79 from 39.99 

So, this is the newest item in my wardrobe. Hello cute mint dress, oh how lovely thou art. 

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 Photography by: Elena Trifonova


  1. Hey Kristen! Great first post. Have to say that dress does look great on you. I hope you post frequently!

  2. Hi Jannica, thank you for your kind comment! And yes, everyday from Monday-Friday expect to see a new post go up live!